West Germany

West Germany:

The following sources for West Germany are based on the German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) project developed by the German Historical Institute (GHI), Washington, DC, subsection “Two Germanies (1961-89)”, edited by Konrad Jarausch and Helga Welsh.

1. The Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Situationist Avant Garde (January 1961)
2. “New Left” (October 4-5, 1962)
3. Herbert Marcuse Denounces the Vietnam War (May 22, 1966)
4. The “Sit-In” as a Means for Reforming the University (June 22, 1966)
5. Socialist Democratic Student Association Flyer on the Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 3, 1967)
6. Rudi Dutschke Demands the Expropriation of the Springer Press Empire (July 10, 1967)
7. Fourteen Intellectuals Condemn the Dutschke Assassination Attempt (April 19, 1969)
8. Ulrike Meinhof Calls for a Move from Protest to Resistance (May 1968)
9. Self-Characterization of Members of a Berlin Commune (October 7, 1968)
10. Liberal Musings on the Character of the Generational Revolt (October 18, 1968)
11. A Terrorist Call for “Building a Red Army” (June 5, 1970)
12. West German States Declare Radicals Unfit for Public Service (January 28, 1972)
13. A Radical Rethinks Terrorist Violence after the Murder of Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback (June 1977)
14. Interview Rudi Dutschke, in: Günter Gaus, “Zur Person: Porträts in Frage und Antwort,” (December 3, 1967, German)


For general sources and source collections on the sixties and the New Left see here.

a)     Movement Documents

The documents below are links to the “SDS/WUO Document Archive” of the Next Left Notes websites.

1. C. Wright Mills, “Letter to the New Left,” New Left Review, No. 5, September-October 1960
2. Tom Hayden, et al., “The Port Huron Statement,” 1962
3. SDS Constitution, 1962 (incl. later changes)
4. Richard Flacks/Tom Hayden,  “America and the New Era,“ 1963
5. SDS Bulletin – July, 1964 (Vol 2, Nr 10)
6. Paul Potter, “Let us Name the System,” March on Washington, April 17, 1965
7. Carl Oglesby, “Let us Shape the Future,” March on Washington, November 27, 1965
8. Tom Hayden, “Student Social Action,” April 1966
9. Carl Davidson, “Toward a Student Syndicalist Movement,” SDS National Convention 1966
10. New Left Notes – May 13, 1968 (Vol 3, Nr 17)
11. New Left Notes – March 8, 1969 (Vol 4, Nr 9)
12. “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows,” New Left Notes, June 18, 1969